With endless new Kickstarters popping up every week, how is this affecting the market for tabletop and miniatures wargames?

After a brief look at a selection of current, recent and failed Kickstarter projects, I review the benefits Kickstarter has brought to gaming as well as the negative impact it has had.

In this (first) week's discussion, I talk about what I will and won't include in the news and, briefly, why not.  I also talk about my plans for the podcast every week and every month and invite my listeners to join me if they feel so moved.

Manufacturers mentioned in this week's news are:

Alternative Armies

Artel W

Bad Squiddo Games

Brigade Models

Eagle Figures

Footsore America

Fox Box

Galladoria Games

Khurasan Miniatures


Microart Studios

Miniatures Scenery

Puppets Wars

Reaper Miniatures

Tabletop Art

The Plastic Soldier Company


Uncertain Scenery

Vanguard Miniatures

Victoria Miniatures

Wargames Atlantic

Well, is it?

After a much (much) shorter news section, I discuss at length the legal, ethical and moral question of ripping of GW's "grimdark" aesthetic.

Companies mentioned in this episode are:


Puppets War

Vanguard Miniatures

Anvil Industry

Wargame Exclusive


Mantic Games

and, of course,

Games Workshop

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