So, earlier this week I accidentally deleted, just... hundreds of files.
OK, so technically I had intended to delete the vast majority of them, but a mis-click ended up with me basically deleting my entire archive of podcasts and videos.
For most purposes, no biggie. They're all uploaded to the Interwebz if I need them and, to be honest, I mostly don't. However, I kept them around because it makes it easier to copy and paste elements from earlier shows into later ones, like intros and suchlike. Yeah, well... those were some of the things I managed to delete.
But part of the challenge of running a business is taking setbacks and turning them to one's advantage. So I spent a large chunk of a day this week creating brand new intros for podcasts and videos, so you get a brand new intro and outro from Bernard, with awesome brand new music and - to top it off - an whole hour-long interview with Five Parsecs from Home author, Ivan Sorensen.
(And, for the record, it's EE-van, technically; but since he moved to the US he answers to EYE-van as well.)
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