CMON's Massive Darkness 2 Kickstarter concludes with $3.8m in funding, while Core Clash scrapes in at $46k, and New Osaka has "successfully" funded at about $10k.  Oh, and if that weren't enough giant robots, there's also Galaxy Hunters* which is about one-third of the way towards its funding goal.

But rather than talk about Kickstarter, I'm interested in miniatures board games.  For some reason, they rub me up the wrong way somehow and I'm not sure why, because on the surface they seem to make a lot of sense.  So I take apart what my problems might be and reflect, as ever, on what that means for Precinct Omega.


*Incidentally, is it just me, or is a game that involves killer mercenaries being hired by mega corporations to hunt down and kill invasive mutants just a teeny-weeny bit dog-whistley?  Perhaps I'm just becoming over-sensitive.  Not sure.

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