First of all, my deepest apologies for my recent absence.  If you follow Precinct Omega on Facebook or are a Patron, then you'll be aware that I had some problems getting my hands on a part to effect a straightforward repair on my laptop.  But it arrived this morning, so I'm back, baby!

However, while things weren't working, after radio silence for a few weeks, I finally gave in and recorded an episode on my smartphone.  So, no Bernard.  No music.  No special effects.  Just me, talking.

This week's podcast looks at:


Wargames Atlantic

Games Workshop (you don't need a link to them!)

and, later on,

Miniature Wargames magazine

Para Bellum Wargames 


This week, I'm thinking about advertising and how and why the world of miniatures wargames is forced to approach the issue differently to conventional manufacturers and retailers.

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