This week, the only new worth talking about is the release of the latest (fourth) edition of Infinity.  Actually, that's totally not true.  We could also talk about the HeroQuest announcement.  And the new Age of Exploration fantasy sailing game, Armada, from Mantic Games.  But those will just have to wait, because this episode is all about Infinity.
But you know me: I'm not just here to froth about a new product.  In fact, although I will talk briefly about what's changed, we'll not be looking at the detail of the new edition at all.  Rather, we'll be asking what it tells us about Corvus Belli's strategic plan for Infinity, what lessons they've learned from their competition and how this fits in to my ideas about the lifecycle of tabletop wargames.  Obviously, I'll also talk about how I've taken these lessons and applied them to my own work.
We are also joined by an exciting new... guest?  You'll see.  I think she's pretty cool and I hope we'll hear a lot more from her in the future.
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