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This week I mention:
And the topic of our discussion is the range of options manufacturers generally have when it comes to deciding on a material for their products: resin, plastic, white metal and digital.  What the advantages and disadvantages of each to the manufacturer, and what can you learn about a company from the choices they make?

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Sorry the podcast is a day late, this week!  I totally forgot to upload it here.  Won't forget again!


This week the news looks at:

Ares Games 


Para Bellum Wargames 

The discussion this week is about the game design metagame - the factors that a commercial game designer needs to think about (in my opinion) when they are planning to write a game for today's market.

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First of all, my deepest apologies for my recent absence.  If you follow Precinct Omega on Facebook or are a Patron, then you'll be aware that I had some problems getting my hands on a part to effect a straightforward repair on my laptop.  But it arrived this morning, so I'm back, baby!

However, while things weren't working, after radio silence for a few weeks, I finally gave in and recorded an episode on my smartphone.  So, no Bernard.  No music.  No special effects.  Just me, talking.

This week's podcast looks at:


Wargames Atlantic

Games Workshop (you don't need a link to them!)

and, later on,

Miniature Wargames magazine

Para Bellum Wargames 


This week, I'm thinking about advertising and how and why the world of miniatures wargames is forced to approach the issue differently to conventional manufacturers and retailers.

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Knight Models released the cast of The Big Bang Theory in their Justice League Halloween costumes this week, to an extremely polarized response.  But what lies behind this decision, and why is the anger of a good portion of their players so great?
In this episode, I look at the history of Knight Models, their relationships with their licensors, and their (lack of) good customer service, quality management and business strategy and ask if there's any way back for them.

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