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Precinct Omega Podcast - Design #13 - Armour

I take apart the question of armour - both personal and vehicle armour, and with a look at both historical and futuristic warfare - and how game designers frequently miss opportunities to embed the realities of armour into their game designs.
This week, I have attempted to record a video version of the podcast, which will be posted on YouTube. This is just the audio and you will lose very little from just listening to the audio, but I do refer sporadically to to the fact that I'm now speaking to a camera. Just FYI.

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Precinct Omega Podcast - News #39 - Crowdfunding

When a microenterprise wants to create something new, how do they do it? In the modern age, crowdfunding has become a core part of the business plan of any small creative business, and in the tabletop industry, Kickstarter is the colossus.
I use this episode to try to take apart the alternative options, look at what kinds of businesses are going to want to use what kind of approach and, ultimately, try to decide whether Kickstarter is right for Precinct Omega.

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Another unscripted ramble through my brain, as I talk about my personal experience of CQB (spoiler: none) and how my understanding of it is informed by my studies and training. I have a bit of a go at mostly Warhammer 40,000 but also Infinity the Game for how they handle CQB, and obviously talk about how my games do it better (YMMV).
But seriously, I articulate four take-aways for anyone wanting to write CQB into a miniatures wargame which I think are important and which I think most miniatures wargames overlook.

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A short episode, this week, because I'm taking it a bit easy.  Back to normal service next week. But as (a) I'm taking it easy, and (b) it's 12 months since I started this series of weekly podcasting, I thought it would be a good opportunity to review the stats of the last 12 months and talk about my hopes and plans for the next year.
There's still news, though, with new releases from:

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Precinct Omega Podcast - Design #11 - Aotrs Shipyard

I met up with Alex Handley of Aotrs Shipyard to discuss his work designing an enormous range of spaceship miniatures as 3D sculpts, and his experience of getting them to retail through third-party printing services.

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