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So Osprey announced that 2021 would see the release of Stargrave, the much-anticipated sci-fi twist on Joe McCullough's smash-hit, Frostgrave.
What does that mean for smaller indy publishers and their sci-fi skirmish properties like, y'know, Horizon Wars: Zero Dark?

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Knight Models released the cast of The Big Bang Theory in their Justice League Halloween costumes this week, to an extremely polarized response.  But what lies behind this decision, and why is the anger of a good portion of their players so great?
In this episode, I look at the history of Knight Models, their relationships with their licensors, and their (lack of) good customer service, quality management and business strategy and ask if there's any way back for them.

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This week, I look at some emerging miniatures wargames:
But wanting a bit of a break from the in-depth industry analysis we've been doing for the last few episodes, I thought I'd talk, instead, about the emotional bedrock of game design and, of course, how it applies to these four and to Precinct Omega.
Also, I take an unscheduled side quest to look at translation and localisation of games.

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In August, Hasbro announced that their Pulse programme would run a "HasLabs" crowdfunding campaign for HeroQuest.  But HeroQuest has an iconic and troubled history, and feelings about this sort of thing tend to run high.

So for my listeners' benefit, I've dug through the history, the trademarks and the controversy to try to understand what's going on with HeroQuest, why it's happened how it has and what might, possibly, be coming next for the game.  WARNING: total speculation ahead!

Anyway, enjoy.

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