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Commissioning art for a tabletop game is one of those things that can be outside a designer's comfort zone and I've had a load of questions about it.  To try to explain how to articulate your needs, find an artist, estimate a budget and compose a brief, I spent slightly over an hour in monologue about this subject.
I was going to do a feedback episode, but I got too tied up with other tasks this week, so we'll have the feedback episode in a couple of weeks.  The good news is that I've not had any lawyers or financial experts get in touch to tell me my episode about VAT was substantially incorrect, yet!
Here are some links to websites or portfolios of some of the artists I talk about in this episode:

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I spend an hour mostly talking about dice.  I spend as little time as possible looking at the numbers and probability curves (but have to spend some time talking about them) and then go on to talk about how those apply, how dice can strip agency from players and how to avoid that happening.  I also do a big breakdown of what you can do with playing cards and why, sometimes, you shouldn't.
I touch upon a lot of games, including Under Falling Skies, Warhammer 40,000, Savage Worlds, Dystopian Wars, D&D in its various incarnations, Aristeia!, Infinity Defiance, and Malifaux.
These unscripted episodes get long.  Hope you're all cool with that.

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