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In this episode, I revisit the apparent demise of Guild Ball. No, really, it's dead. But only... kind of dead? Stuff happened. I talk about it.
Also, Secret Weapon Miniatures is dead. Probably. Again, kind of. I talk about that.
And Asmodee. Definitely not dead, but responsible for other things maybe kind of dying. But not really. Let's talk about that!

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Precinct Omega Podcast - Design #19 - Command & Control

This week, I turn to the sticky topic of command and control. I explain why I've resisted tackling the topic until now, take apart the relationship between IRL C3I and miniatures wargaming, and dissect the different ways games can and do handle the various challenges of abstracting the relationship of leaders and subordinates into stats and mechanics.
I also touch upon the much-commented-upon "Fog of War" and explain why I think most people's understanding of the term is flawed and why it is so rarely handled correctly in miniatures wargaming.

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I can only apologize for how long it took me to get behind this story. I was on holiday when it first broke and I thought it was a non-issue, so I ignored it and recorded a different episode, then I went away on another short holiday and the story continued to snowball. I got home and recorded this episode immediately, but I already had episodes lined up to cover my period away.
So, finally, here's my detailed look at the astonishing news about Corvus Belli moving to partial manufacturing in plastic.
Wait? What? There's something else going on? A boycott? Seriously?  Again?
Well, OK, I suppose I can talk about that, too.

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9th August was the arbitrary date I set for getting back to social wargaming and, with no sign on the horizon yet of anything radically apocalyptic to change that plan, it is time to make plans about what I'm going to play. Other than Horizon Wars games, obviously.
So, with that in mind, how can I choose from the plethora of excellent games out there which ones I'm going to focus on for the next 12 months? I think there's room for a maximum of three, but which three? Well, after a lot of thinking, I whittled it down to a long list of:
Kill Team (the new one)
In this episode I rate each of these based on how much fun I think it will be, how innovative I think it is, how much money I would have to spend to play it, how good the local scene is and how easy it will be to find tournaments to play in around the UK. And, based on that, I make some qualified assessments of what I'm going to try out.

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In this episode, we re-visit the subject of tax and VAT in the light of new EU rules and this strange beast, IOSS.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a tax specialist.

But because that's very dull, I also took some time to look at the news emerging about Games Workshop's complete re-write of the Kill Team rules, due for release soon, and Mantic Games's new sci-fi arena combat board game, Overdrive.

A full transcript of this episode is available to subscribers on the Precinct Omega Patreon.

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