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Precinct Omega Podcast - Design #15 - Movement

...manoeuvre... mobility... whatever you want to call it.

What are the options available to designers and why would you choose one over another?

And I also talk about aspects of manoeuvre that are often under-emphasized or ignored by designers.

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Precinct Omega Podcast - News #41 - Storms & Teacups

I take my life in my hands and give some controversial subjects the questionable benefit of my analysis and contemplate what it means for Precinct Omega.
There will be a YouTube edition of this podcast if you like that sort of thing.

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I got to chat to Jake Thornton, renowned tabletop game designer whose credits include Lost Patrol, Dreadball, Dwarf King's Hold and many others. We discuss his career journey, experience of working inside Games Workshop and the transition to freelancer.

This episode is also available as a video on YouTube if you are compelled to see our faces.

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Not sure what happened to my scheduled release, because I definitely did it. Anyway, apologies that this episode is a day late.
News topics this week include:
Manufaktura (no link for you!)
But the big feature for this week's episode is an hour-long conversation with Ben Calvert-Lee, digital sculptor extraordinaire and also long-time collaborator with GCT Studios. Ben shares his journey into the industry, his thoughts about the dynamic between traditional and digital sculpting media and insights into the evolution and operations of GCT Studios.
Ben also has his own podcast that we forgot to mention.  You can listen to him on the Robot Dice Explosion.
I hope you enjoy!

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