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I take at look at:

Bad Squiddo Games 

North Star Military Figures 

Wyrd Games 

Avatars of War 

Antenociti's Workshop 

DGS Games 

All of these business have faced or are facing challenges to their market relevance, either through personal circumstances, shifts in the market, technological drift or commercial miscalculation. And each has addressed or is addressing these challenges in different ways. I take a look at different approaches small businesses have taken and consider what Precinct Omega and other businesses in the industry can learn from their example.

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A couple of weeks ago, I got to meet up virtually with patron Andy Strauss, whose input into the development of Horizon Wars: Infinite Dark was really insightful and informed from a lifelong obsession with spaceship combat games.
We had a chat about the culture of wargaming in Brazil, and walked through the evolution of spaceship combat games over the last few decades or so.

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