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When this article popped up last week, it predictably set the twittersphere alight.

Having asked for thoughts on my Facebook page, I thought I'd take some of those and address the different aspects of the story that people have settled upon and, of course, give you the questionable benefit of my own opinion.

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Weekly News #15 - Final Whistle for Guild Ball

Steamforged Games has killed Guild Ball as a product, pretty much effective immediately.
This is a story positively packed with industry significance and I couldn't possibly cover it all a half-hour slot, although I do my best.

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Weekly News #14 - 7th August 2020 - Getting it Right

I'm back!  If you thought you missed an episode last week, you didn't.  I was away on holiday and decided to spare myself the stress of recording.
This week, I decide to look closer at three new-ish comers in the miniatures wargames market in the UK, and to explain how I think they're going about their business, how they are each different but how they are all, in their own way, doing things "right".
Do you have any minis from these companies?  If so, what are they and what do you think of them?

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