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Last week was #MechWeek2020.  Because I decided it was.  First time ever.  Decidedly underwhelming, I know, but whatever.

So I have a chat about mechs, and why I think they're awesome, even when they're stupid.

Farsight (Warchest)


Catalyst Game Labs (Battletech)

Weta Workshop (GKR: Heavy Hitters)

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There's been a lot of chat about miniatures-agnostic games, lately, so I instead take a look at game-agnostic miniatures instead, this week.
Manufacturers mentioned are:
I also mention GW, FFG and Corvus Belli, but you should all know where to find them, by now...

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I completely forgot to post this week's podcast on Monday!  No idea how that happened.  Won't happen again.  But episode 8 will be up on Monday.

A shorter episode, now, as I chill out a bit.

Do we take our games too seriously sometimes?  I ponder where such things can lead, why we shouldn't let it and look at a few new and emerging products that aim to help us keep a sense of proportion when we play with our dolls.

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Yep.  We're going there.  I'm going to talk about race and wargames and you can't stop me.

Manufacturers mentioned:

Pulp Figures

Guildhall Studio

Corvus Belli

Miniatures Building Authority

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When GW announces a new edition of Warhammer 40,000 it's hard for anyone else to get a word in edgewise in the tabletop miniatures wargaming world.

In this episode, we look at why this is the case, why people play 40k at all, and how this affects small creators fighting for a slice of the pie.

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