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It's the big news of the day.

Mark Mondragon of Dreamforge Games has asked me to work with him on developing a miniatures game that will support his amazing range of plastic miniatures.  Listen to me gush about Mark and Dreamforge for five minutes and then you can hear me go on to discuss Mark's design brief and how I think it will shape the focus of mechanics for the game.

Gamers make great employees and even better bosses.  This podcast explains why.

Yeah.  How've you been?  Good to see you again.  Been a while.

I can't lie.  This episode is a bit of a catch-up, to let you know where I've been and what's been going on in the world of Precinct Omega.  But I do my best not to let the navel-gazing get overwhelming.  There's stuff here about how to organize your gaming around a proper, grown-up lifestyle, and how to use synergies between gaming activities to maximize your output.

Although, frankly, it's mostly just about me.

Having said that, there're also rumours about something big in the future.  And if I'm right, then you'll be able to say you were there, at the start...

Introducing Mecha Front, a 15mm near-future mecha-combat game designed by Jon Paulson.  Mecha Front is currently in beta (alpha) testing, but with some spectacular miniatures and art design behind it.  Does it have the design credentials to be a genuinely good game as well?

In this episode, I take you through the basics of the rules and comment on areas I think are good and those that need improving.

Continuing our new theme of reviewing and testing emerging indy miniatures games, I got together with Heaven's Fall designer, Chris Averiss at the Gloucester Games Bunker to give it an official run-out.

I won't lie - about two-thirds of the way through, the episode kind of starts to lose steam, because the turns became quite repetitive and my notes lost a bit of coherence.  However, stick with it, because I notice eventually and get back to the interesting stuff.

Well, I thought it was interesting...

Just a reminder:

As promised, I give a pretty thorough breakdown and review of Heaven's Fall from Casket Games.

Get your own copy, and all the rest of the supporting material, in its beta-test form, here:

This is a fairly short episode, recorded in a rare opportunity of relative peace and quiet.

Finishing our series looking at how I approach miniatures wargames design through the medium of my own design efforts, I look at how I unpack the additional details that a game requires to meet its original brief, after you've got the core mechanics down.

Next episode, I'll be talking about Heaven's Fall, from Casket Games.

Precinct Omega: substituting puns for actual humour since 2008.

This episode, I talk turn structures and where the principle approaches to turn and turn structure came from and what they each bring to the tabletop.

I mentioned two rules-sets in passing that are free to download, worthy of your attention and funny as hell.  These are Little Wars by HG Wells (yes, really):


and BrikWars by Mike Rayhawk:


Whether you play these or not, read them.  They are each two of the funniest things ever written in miniatures wargaming.

I get a bit ranty about how other games deal with the question of effective fire at range, and abuse your patience to help me solve some game-design problems.

...and with that in mind, I speak about the value and pleasure of small-scale hobbying; that is, building, painting and playing with miniatures at the 6-10mm scales.

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